Barge Engineer

Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company - Saudi Arabia


  • Adhere to all; Saudi Aramco, D&WO and international HSE standards, policies and administrative controls.
  • Give work direction to rig mechanics and electricians to operate and maintain all mechanical and electrical systems on board a jack-up drilling rig.
  • Report any mechanical or electrical problems to the rig foreman and coordinate with foreman and maintenance people to correct problems and avoid downtime.
  • Maintain and operate the jacking system and ensure that equal leg load distribution is maintained at all times.
  • Assist rig move master during rig moves, maintains proper ballast, operate jacking controls and monitor preloading operations and ensure that rig is stable and safe before rig operations commence.
  • Perform load calculations to ensure that the rig is maintained in a stable condition at all times and advise the rig foreman if a possible overload condition could occur.
  • Supervise loading and offloading of materials and equipment to ensure equal weight distribution of the barge.
  • Ensure that proper and safe operating procedures for all machinery are followed.
  • Maintain inventory of all equipment: supplies and spare parts on board and notify rig foreman of the need to reorder items.
  • Ensure that all safety equipment on board is operational and that all personnel are familiar with the operation of this equipment and are trained to react in the event of a hydrocarbon release or fire and are familiar with life boat drills.
  • Ensure that records and manuals relating to operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems are kept up to date.
  • Ensure that cranes are operational and certificates are up to date and verify that crane operators are licensed and certified.
  • Supervise deck crew performing all operations.


  • Have a minimum of (2) years' experience as a barge engineer on a jack-up barge.
  • Be fluent in spoken and written English.


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