Assistant Engineer

Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company - Saudi Arabia


  • Adhere to all; Saudi Aramco, D&WO and international HSE standards, policies and administrative controls.
  • Assists engineers in gathering, consolidating and interpreting engineering data in an assigned area. Routinely supervisor and/or engineers should be contacted for each work assignments and directions.
  • Incumbent will perform his duties in an area where professional engineering services are performed.
  • Work assignment will encompass various engineering projects in any of the company's fields of activities. Incumbent will normally specialize in one or two particular technical areas but will possess the ability to perform in new or related areas after a reasonable indoctrination.
  • Degree of instruction for assignment will depend on its complexity.
  • Work will consist of gathering data, performing routine or recurring jobs, preparing or assisting in the preparation of volumetric computations, reports, and related duties in accordance with established procedures and practices. For more complicated, non-routine assignments, directions will be provided by supervisor or the responsible engineer.
  • Data gathering is normally performed at the field site location.
  • As directed by superior assists in the execution of various field/office tasks. Collects information and gathers data; takes measurements and does compilation independently or under supervision.
  • Assists in reviewing, compiling, and correlating engineering data; helps to perform basic calculations from various sources on an assigned task.
  • Assists in preparing comprehensive technical reports and miscellaneous reports such as monthly status reports.
  • Routinely Unit Supervisor and/or Engineers should be contacted for each work assignments and directions.
  • As directed by Superiors assists in the execution of various field/office tasks.
  • Collates, evaluates, and interprets data for assembling engineering reports and help the engineers in completing reports.
  • To assists engineers in gathering, consolidating, interpreting, and evaluating engineering data in an assigned area.
  • Provides work direction to juniors in his primary area of competence.



  • Shall have a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Mechanical or Petroleum or Civil) or Technical Institute (Diploma) in mathematics/Surveying and Cad (Auto-Cad or Micro Station) or such equivalent acceptable to SAUDI ARAMCO, he should also have completed latest Auto-Cad and Micro Station, Windows operating system, Microsoft office (Excel, Word & PowerPoint) and English Typing courses. Fluency in English, broad knowledge of engineering terminology.
  • Minimum of one year in relevant field.
  • He should have completed latest Auto-Cad and/or Micro Station training and capable of performing geometric and volumetric calculations using these programs.
  • Perform computation of field survey data, including geometric and volumetric calculations, using programmable calculator and personal computer.
  • He should have completed latest Windows operating system, Microsoft office (Excel, Word & PowerPoint).
  • Able to read and write English, knowledge of engineering terminology. Possess, or be able to secure a valid SAG driver's license.
  • Experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is preferable.



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