Rig Electrician

Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company - Saudi Arabia




· Adhere to all; Saudi Aramco, D&WO and international HSE standards, policies and administrative controls.


· Provide on-site supervision of Rig Electricians & Trainees to the degree required for the experience level and job skill of the person or persons assigned normally 2 to 4 persons.


· Read and fully comprehend manuals, schematics, blueprints, as built drawings of the rig and all related equipment. Using these skills whenever possible for on-the job training of Rig Electricians and Trainees.


· Monitor the work performance of Rig Electricians & Trainees to insure the work is done properly and all safety regulations are adhered too.


· Liaison with Rig Foreman, Tool Pusher, Barge Captain, Rig Mechanic, Drill Crew, and others as required for the proper scheduling of repairs and maintenance work.


· Perform troubleshooting and repairs that could be deemed outside the experience level of on-site Rig Electricians & Trainees. Making use of the troubleshooting and repair instances as opportunities to perform on-the-job training whenever possible.


· Complete on-site work permits, perform pre-job checks and assign maintenance and repair jobs to Rig Electricians as per their individual experience level.


· Perform post-job checks and testing of equipment after repairs.


· Perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual inspections and maintenance as set forth in the preventative maintenance program.


· Complete daily electrician's reports, equipment maintenance reports, and preventative maintenance reports, distribute as required.


· Order materials and supplies as required for implementing necessary repairs and maintaining an on-site stock level of expendables and critical spares.


· Teach SAUDI ARAMCO Drilling and Workover employees in accordance with the PM System.


· Teach and train electrical maintenance staff.


· Teach how to document current condition of equipment and/or sub-assemblies prior to commencing repairs.


· Teach how to inspect equipment and troubleshoot electrical, electromechanical and electronic systems.


· Teach how to isolate the subsystems or components that might have caused the problem.


· Teach how to perform all tests and repair in strict compliance with the equipment manufacturer's service manual and bulletins.


· Teach how to inspect parts for wear and replacement to prevent electrical equipment failures.


· Teach how to list parts to be replaced referring to manufacturer's manuals and diagrams.


· Teach how to perform post-overhaul/repair checks for malfunctions.


· Teach how to document inspections, test results, repair work done and parts replaced for proper billing and record upkeep.


· Teach how to use personal protective gear and follow shop safety practices as required while working.


· Teach how to maintain cost controls in an effort to reduce costs without compromising maintenance quality.









§ High School Diploma or such equivalent acceptable to SAUDI ARAMCO.

Associates Degree from a fully accredited technical college

Manufacturers training courses, a minimum of two of the following:

Ross Hill SCR Systems

IPS SCR System

Baylor SCR Systems and Brake Controllers

PLC (Programmable Logic Controls

Caterpillar Engine controls

Martin/Decker Instrumentation

Air conditioning & Refrigeration training curse


§ Minimum of (10) years in the electrical field with not less than (10) years' experience in the Oil/Gas drilling industry.


§ Has an extensive knowledge of all electrical test equipment associated with the electrical maintenance of drilling rigs, i.e. VOM, digital multimeters, oscilloscope, muggers, phase rotation detectors etc.


§ Have a working knowledge of computers with a minimum capability of using Microsoft programs such as word, outlook, and excel.


§ Familiar with API, ABS, IEEE, & SOLAS standards.


§ Have good leadership skills with the ability to perform on-the-job training for Rig Electricians and Trainees.


§ Have the communication skills necessary to submit reports, complete forms and converse with supervisors and management.


§ Must have a working knowledge of drilling operations i.e. insure knowledgeable recommendations/decisions are made to minimize interruption of rig operations.


§ Familiar with API, IEEE, & SOLAS Standards.


§ Have good leadership skills with the ability to perform on-the-job training for Rig Electricians and Trainees.


§ Have communicating skills necessary to submit reports, complete forms and converse with supervisors and management.


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