TRS Operations Supervisor

Parker Drilling - Saudi Arabia

Position Summary

Provide maintenance and repair to Company's equipment to ensure that assigned equipment is kept in efficient working condition in compliance with the Company's quality standards and manufacturers. Maintain spare parts inventory and ordering; maintain all documentation, files and records relevant to equipment operation and maintenance schedule. 

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Adhere to Safety procedure and policies in accordance with safety management system Including:
      1. Active participation in workshop safety & tool box meetings.
      2. Report all hazards and unsafe acts.
      3. Actively promote positive safety culture.
  • Adhere to quality procedure and policies in accordance with the ISO9002 quality assurance system Including:
    1. Ensure equipment is fit for purpose.
    2. Raise corrective actions for all non-conformances.
    3. Comply with work instructions.
    4. Identify areas requiring improvement and / or audit.
  • Perform technical duties, including:
    1. Ensure equipment is fit for purpose.
    2. Assist in preparing tool shipments. 
    3. Ensure equipment is repaired and maintained in accordance with procedures and that all necessary paperwork is completed. 
    4. Store tools safely and in such as way as to preserve condition. 
    5. Maintain and clean workshop, tools, equipment. 
    6. Assist with asset & inventory stock takes
  • Document all maintenance/ repair and overhaul works. Generate and implement an equipment maintenance schedule to cover all major machinery and equipment.
    o Keep and maintain Operations/Repair/Parts List Manuals and records of all relevant machinery and equipment.
  • Generate Work Orders for the regular inspections of hoisting tools and drifts., keep and maintain hardcopy files of all TRS equipment inspection reports, Work Orders, MR's, maintenance checklists etc.
  • Generate MR's for spare parts purchase as necessary. Inspect and document all incoming and outgoing inter-company parts when received and prior to shipment, maintain Spare parts stocks inventory and records.
  • Training of Junior Mechanic's and assessment of their progress.
    o Gather and actively share safety/quality issues with safety and operations meetings.
    o Assist in load outs.
    o Responsible for providing adequate data to complete the Reports (hours spent and parts used) for each individual Piece of equipment. Maintain the store inventory records up dated.
    o Ensure that Quality Standards are met and repair work is carried out according to acceptable standards and in good workmanship.
    o The thorough testing of equipment before it is released for operational work. Ensure that outgoing/incoming equipment are checked & tested according to the applicable procedures & work instructions. The base supervisor must inform if non-conformance is determined.
    o Report any unforeseen repair work to the base supervisor and discuss corrective action.
    o Tidy up and clean the workshop periodically and as requested by the base supervisor.
    o Discuss with the base supervisor any suggestions for improvements to Company equipment / products or repair maintenance procedures.
    o Ensure that equipment meets customers and ASWS safety requirements.
    o Ensure that all quality documentation, procedures and work instructions are maintained & implemented
    o Perform all work within the framework of the Safety Program Manual, manufacturer specification and Quality procedures.
    o Adhere to the consignment schedule as applicable for the maintenance department.
    o Follow safety regulation all times and report any incident/ accident or unsafe work situation to base supervisor.
    o Attend the QHSE morning & weekly meeting.
    o As per recommendations of the Base Supervisor be available for off base and other reasonable assignments and relevant training courses.
    o Accept any reasonable assignment as given by the department head/ Base Supervisor.
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