Operational Excellence & Business Improvement/Support

Confidential - Oman

Job Title :- Operational Excellence & Bussiness Improvmt/Support TL

Reference Indicator:- UWL/1

Reports to:- Logistics Manager

Job Group :- 3/2

Reference Indicator :- UWL/1


Purpose : -

To lead and drive improvement projects and strategies for Logistics activities with the aim to exert operational excellence in all activities.

To act as custodian for all Logistics Specifications, Procedure and Guidelines as well as Logistics IT systems.


Dimensions: -

Asset/ Product Logistics improvements

Custodianship of Passenger Management System, the Transport Management System and the SAP Logistics Module.

Staff, Direct Reports :- 9

Staff, Indirect Reports:- 4

Budget, :- CAPEX 55 million US dollars

Critical Interfaces :- WE & Logistics Team, C&P, HSE, Contract Holders, contract Owners and Assets


Experience Qualification :-

Bachelor degree in Transport/Operations Management or Supply Chain discipline

A minimum of 12 years experience in Logistics Strategy, Planning, Operations and Project Management.


Organization Narrative:-

A position of the Logistics Operational Excellence Team Leader. Direct Reports are the Process Holders Cargo Haulage, Materials and Passenger Management as well as the Business Support Coordinator and the Logistics Asset Integrity Coordinator.


Principal Accountabilities :-

- Drive continual improvement in the Logistics Business Excellence process throughout the organization.

- As Document Custodian, review and update, as often as specified within the respective CMF

document the following documents:

CP-132, Logistics Services - CoP

GU-674, Quality Management System Manual

PR-1673, Logistics Internal Audit Procedure

PR-1697, Customer Complaint Handling Procedure

SP-2024, Logistics Management System (Global Process 17)

- As a Line responsible for Logistics Documents as a Custodian, ensure timely review and update, as often as specified within the respective CMF document of all Logistics-owned Specifications, Procedures and Guidelines to contribute towards keeping Logistics standards relevant and up-to-date

- As custodian of the Passenger Management, the Transport Management Systems and the SAP Logistics Module, maximize system uptime, integrity and completeness of related databases

- Lead the Process Holders in analysing existing Logistics processes, work flows and tools for their improvement potential, identify, set up and manage Logistics Improvement Projects, in compliance with CP-122, Health, Safety and Environment Mgmt System - CoP and CP-132, Logistics Services - CoP and subordinate standards to drive business improvement in all logistics activities; this includes monitoring and reporting on agreed Project KPIs

- Lead the Logistics Business Planning and Support team in the compilation of Logistics Business Plans and the provision of Logistics systems (PMS, WMS, TMS/MTL, SAP)

- Lead the Logistics Project Engineer in the assuring asset integrity of the vehicle workshops, the ICAO certified airports, the warehouses and the yards

- Drive initiatives in the management team and organizationally that contribute to long-term operational excellence.

- Develop and track the logistics Key Performance Indicators in all operations in the region in order to ensure that overall Logistics operational objectives are met.

- Drive continual quality improvement through the Quality Management System. Influence and drive resources to resolve customer quality issues, escalating issues as necessary.

- Liaise with all Head Logistics Interior and Coast, contractors and key customers to ensure effectiveness of logistics services.

- Identify and eliminate process variations resulting in external and internal failures through the Quality Management System tools and processes

- Assure integration of logistics activities into assets operations.

- Applying of Logistics Corporate Policy, Systems and processes.

- Providing input to the Company's 5 year plan and ensure alignment with the company's objectives

- Assist in the development of Logistics Infrastructure Business Cases

- Improve the operational systems, processes, procedures and policies in support of organizations vision

- Provide inputs in developing /Supply chain policy, procedures and monitor implementation

- Monitor contractors performance to ensure effective and efficient Logistics services that meet company standards and contractual obligations at lowest costs whilst ensuring safe operation

- Develop, review and continuously improve the effectiveness of logistics processes, supporting tools and systems.

- Develop and maintain good working relationships with all existing and potential customers by visiting sites and discussing issues of mutual concern

- Work with existing and/or potential customers to enable them to effectively integrate logistics planning and operational activities into their business plans

- Work with customers to understand their current and future needs, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement in logistics service provision where possible

- Support customers in the management of unplanned events and "special" requests, in order to ensure core business needs are met as efficiently and effectively as possible

- Provide expert advice and assistance to customers on all matters related to logistics services including tariffs, material availability and commuting (Air/Road).

- Identify opportunities for standardisation and advice on interchangeability of items and suggest way forward as appropriate

- Contribute to and implement best practice in all operating areas.

- Maintain the drive towards quality improvement within logistics.

- Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between functions.

- Lead people to exhibit Lean behaviours, in compliance with PDO's corporate Lean

deployment Model, in all activities performed within their daily business to realize continuous sustained performance improvement.

- Lead the use of the Well Engineering KIM framework by subordinates and contribute towards making UWD a learning organization

- Motivate, coach, mentor and developp direct and indirect subordinates

- Live the PDO Values (Honesty, Integrity, Respect for People), exhibit the PDO behaviours (Delivery, Speed, Simplicity, External Focus Commercial Mindset) and act as role model for colleagues and subordinates.


Challenges :-

To identify the right calibre of staff to fill process holder positions due to the technical expertise required in these

Due to the size and uniqueness of PDO's Logistics operation, to find meaningful benchmarking information

To continuously adjust processes and systems, effectively managing the associated change, to drive performance improvement

To continuously adjust processes and systems, effectively managing the associated change to efficiently accommodate work scope expansion and contraction

To keep up with external developments (e.g. governmental regulations, decrees etc).


Key Competencies:-

People Management (Motivate, coach and develop) (Skill)

Presentation and Communication Skills (Mastery)

Facilitation Skills (Mastery)

Demonstrate Professional Mastery (Mastery)

Negotiating Skills (Mastery)

Contracting Strategies (Mastery)

HSE Leadership and Commitment (Skill)

Organization, Responsibilities, Resources & HSE Standards (Skill)

HEMP for Significant Risks/ HSE Cases (Skill)

Emergency Response (Skill)

Safe Systems of Work (Skill)

HSE Audit (Skill)

Corporate C&P processes(Mastery)

Supply Chain Management (Mastery)

Stores and Inventory Management (Mastery)

Logistics Management (Mastery)

Maximize business opportunities (Mastery)

Customer and stakeholder relationships (Mastery)

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