Warehouse & Logistics Controller

Emirates Airlines - United Arab Emirates

Job Purpose


Plan and manage warehouse and logistics activities and functions to ensure efficient and effective tools and material support to agreed stakeholders within the agreed service level agreements.

Job Outline:

- Maintain and monitor efficient and effective processes to ensure supply of materials and tools to various stakeholder departments while minimizing internal processing times.

- Plan, monitor and control sufficient availability of resources to facilitate tasks, while staying within the defined staff overtime limits.

- Setup reporting framework (such as Key Performance Indicators, analytical reports) to monitor and effectively control processes, and any bottlenecks thereof in time to meet EK fleet maintenance plans as well as despatch reliability. Prepare and continuously review Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and process control documents e.g. Warehouse Operating Instructions, etc.

- Co-ordinate with stakeholder departments in relation to execution / completion of specific job accountabilities as per agreed standards.

- Contribute to yearly budget preparations / calculations through accurate recording of transactional and non-transactional activities in relation to specific job accountabilities.

- Plan, prepare and monitor training and performance development of staff in line with agreed training procedures / standards of airworthiness control and safety requirements.

- Contribute to implementation and continuous improvement of warehouse processes and optimum utilization of various IT system frameworks to ensure increased efficiencies.


Goods Inwards

- Plan and manage all activities of engineering goods receipt process to ensure smooth flow during the inspection and release of the incoming spares, tools and raw materials including reverse logistics of materials from maintenance.

- Organize efficient discrepancy management processes to ensure visibility, accountability and expeditious processing of all discrepant received materials.

- Coordinate and oversee material inspection functions ensuring compliance with Airworthiness requirement and EK Engineering Quality Assurance procedures.


- Plan, coordinate and oversee the binning and storage of materials & tools as per storage type classifications and stocking strategies to ensure optimal usage of warehouse storage space and control material shelf life timelines.

- Coordinate and ensure efficient in-house receipt processes of operational materials from overhaul shops. Identify and promptly highlight discrepancies in receipts promptly to agreed stakeholder departments.

- Monitor and control binning processes to minimize inventory discrepancies caused by errors in binning and in-house receipt.

Issue Counter

- Organize and continuously review picking, internal movement and issue of tools & materials as per requests form stakeholder departments

- Monitor and Control picking / issue processes to minimize inventory discrepancies

- Monitor and review Aircraft on Ground (AOG) processes and AOG handling response time (end-to-end AOG situation management) for tools & materials to minimize AOG time

Tool Stores

- Organize, plan and manage tools support for stakeholder departments through effective tools stores operations, planning tools inventory as per reviewed stakeholders requirements and tools usage data, and replenishing and procuring tools

- Review support documents required for part basic creations by referencing to aircraft technical publications like TEM, CMM and AMM

- Review / approve DRs raised for Tools & Equipment

Spares Delivery Group (SDG)

- Plan and monitor delivery activities to facilitate timely availability of aircraft material at customers? agreed delivery locations

- Review and ensure interaction with stakeholder departments to dynamically review (add and/or delete) customer locations to facilitate maintenance capacity expansion

- Manage and control efficient logistics processes to Dubai World Central (DWC) for just-in-time replenishment, reverse logistics and AOG support


- Review and Certify outbound shipping invoices and process for approval from senior management

- Plan and organize outbound and domestic transport logistics in an accurate and error free manner

- Contribute to evaluation and selection of suitable partnership logistics provider to ensure maximum delivery performance

Line Maintenance Stores

- Plan, organize and monitor warehouse processes and initiate steps & follow ups to ensure efficient storage and flow of materials with optimum utilization of warehouse space. Continuously monitor reasons for stock discrepancies and initiate steps to minimize specific causes (including training / debriefing of staff)

- Plan and organize customer support functions to maximize support to stakeholder departments

- Organize and Maintain control of all Fly Away Kit (FAK) related activities

Aircraft On Ground (AOG) Desk

- Organize, source, follow up, monitor and continuously co-ordinate Aircraft on Ground (AOG) and critical material demands from EK and Other Airlines (OAL) stakeholders to ensure timely availability of critical / AOG tools and materials and to minimize aircraft grounding time. Ensure that prompt response to OAL materials queries are made, in keeping with Emirates Group interests.

- Monitor and review AOG processes and handling response time (end-to-end AOG condition management) for tools & materials

- Monitor, control and timely clear all pending invoices in co-ordination with concerned stakeholders

Qualifications & Experience


12 years of schooling (A Level) or equivalent with 8 years experience or

Higher National Diploma or equivalent in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management or Logistics is preferred, with 6 years experience or

Degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management or Logistics is preferred, with 5 years experience.

Warehouse and logistics experience in a large Aviation/MRO environment is required, in addition to a minimum of 4 years managing people, performance and the daily operation. Proven experience in warehouse & logistics process flow mapping and analysis in preferred.

Knowledge/skills: Competent using all Microsoft applications and the ability to generate system reports is preferred. Working knowledge of Ultra main / ERP systems and process would be an advantage. Competency in warehouse & logistics process flow and value stream mapping is preferred.

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