Environmental Data & Reporting Specialist

Shell - Qatar

35387BR Environmental Data &Reporting Specialist Qatar Ras Laffan Shell is the largest foreign investor in Qatar and has invested US$ 21 billion in Qatar alone in the past six years. Joining Shell in Qatar will see you work on some of the world’s most innovative energy projects: Pearl GTL and Qatargas 4. Innovation is key at Shell, and your career will be propelled by Shell’s commitment to your career, which will accelerate your learning curve and broaden your scope. Moreover, our diverse pool of global experts will see you engage with colleagues worldwide. Qatar is the world’s largest LNG supplier, and Shell’s global leadership in LNG will help forge growth in the years to come.  JOB PURPOSE - Position description – Purpose:

Priority in the employment shall be given to the Qatari workers. Non-Qatari workers may be employed in case of need.
- Qatar Labor Law (Article 18)

 The position to:
•Collate data required for reporting to internal and external stakeholders
•Interface with Technology and Operations specialists in the business to obtain required data and supporting information
•Prepare reports and other documents using appropriate templates
•Maintain reports in electronic and paper filing systems.
This will require working closely with:
1. Production Technologists
2. Production Operations staff
3. Projects staff
4. HSSE leadership team.
The Environmental Data and Reporting Specialist reports to the Environmental Systems Specialist and will be based in Ras Laffan City, Qatar
Dimensions - Position description – Dimension:

  • Qatar Shell GTL is an integrated upstream / downstream business which operates the world scale Pearl Gas To Liquids Plant in the State of Qatar in partnership with Qatar Petroleum. Pearl GTL is a critical asset for both the Shell Group and Qatar through the establishment of a new industry by introducing a new technology that generates clean products for the world market.
  • Qatar Shell includes other businesses including the Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre and others.  This position will support these businesses in the interim pending establishment of their own full time organisations.
  • Qatar Shell Service Company provides vital support services including Real Estate and Logistics, to enable the whole Shell organisation in Qatar and to the Qatar Shell Secondees in the Qatar Gas project.
  • Managing HSSE/SP in Qatar Shell business environment involves diverse challenges. The technical and cost challenges of the Pearl GTL Project, the start-up and operation of Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre, and the ongoing provision of a support framework by Qatar Shell Service Company, all merit serious attention. Losses caused by the lack of control of HSSE/SP risks can be devastating to people, our assets, reputation and the environment and jeopardise realising the full potential of our efforts in Qatar.  To achieve a successful business we must achieve an outstanding HSSE/SP performance.  Provision of accurate, complete and timely performance data is a vital part of QSGTL-HSSE’s vision for success
  • The Qatar Shell HSSE/SP Management System is based on compliance to the Shell Group HSSE Control Framework which is focused on the management of HSSE/SP risks throughout Qatar Shell.
  • The Environmental Data and Reporting Specialist will be required to work closely with all teams in Qatar Shell so that information on all environmental aspects can measured and assessed. The position will draw on the incumbent’s ability to work across multiple interfaces and proactively influence the behaviour of others to deliver demonstrably excellent performance.

This position provides a unique opportunity to support consistent and robust Environmental management in a young organisation in Qatar Shell.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES - Position description - Accountabilities:
•Collation of data related to Environmental Performance Indicators
•Validation of data and preparation of communications on Environmental Performance to Internal and External stakeholders
•Delivery of accurate and complete data on time in required formats for reporting to stakeholders.
•Maintenance of electronic and hardcopy filing for legal and internal record-keeping requirements
•Maintenance and development of manual, semi-automatic and automatic reporting systems based Microsoft Office and PI.


  • Environmental Performance Data Reporting
  • Obtain required data within required timescales from data providers in the business
  • Ensure that all confirmed / validated / approved input data are recorded in the relevant spreadsheets and are stored / uploaded in Sharepoint
  • Conduct critical review and validation of Environmental data reporting to Group and the Qatar Ministry of Environment.
  • Prepare communications to external stakeholders, including Ministries on environmental performance
  • Ensure incidents and other legally required communications are made to Ministries and regulators
  • Support communication with QSGTL Technology to ensure requirements to monitor, evaluate and report environmental performance data of Pearl GTL asset to internal and external stakeholders are met
  • Monitor environmental key performance indicators

Environmental Management System

  • Support Technology in the implementation of ISO 14001
  • Support execution of HSSE audit system/plan to ensure compliance
  • Recommend environmental improvement plans for agreement with businesses
  • Support to drive the management review process for Qatar Shell environmental performance
  • Contribute to Shell Upstream International environmental management initiatives
  • Support the development of systems to maintain an inventory of hazardous substances and deliver reports to regulatory authorities.


  • Support to monitor environmental performance of the Asset
  • Support the focal point for noise, ground water, and air quality monitoring and reporting
  • Support in conducting Environmental Focal Points meeting

Environmental Permits & Consents

  • Support the Qatar Shell Environment Manager during the renewal process of the CTO.
  • Support in engagement with the regulators to obtain environmental permits.
  • Support the Waste Coordinator in determining optimum waste disposal routes and necessary permitting and engagement with regulators.
  • Support the implementation of environmental permits and consents for the operating Asset.
  • Support the implementation and maintenance of the terms in the Environmental Consent to operate.
  • Support engagement with regulatory authorities over implementation of new environmental improvement initiatives such as VOC recovery and incineration, hazardous waste disposal, etc.

Document Management System
Ensure all reports, documents and correspondence are correctly referenced and stored for long term retention according to legal and internal Shell requirements.  KEY CHALLENGES - Position description - Special Challenges:

Qatar Shell’s reporting cycles run weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to tight deadlines.
Most of the data to be reported is not owned or controlled by the HSSE-SP department.
JOB KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE - Experience and Qualifications required:
•A strong administrator with experience of organising and implementing complex numerical and narrative reporting systems.
•A self-starter with outstanding communication skills and an ability to work in a team. 
•This position requires a motivated individual with high energy, team working skills, a "can do" attitude, and when required would be prepared to stretch personal and business goals. 
•Has a thorough understanding of the Shell Group HSSE standards, matched with a clear understanding of the applicable legal requirements on environment, and the ability to translate this understanding into practical solutions
•Has the professional and personal stature to interface with, and influence, a wide variety of contacts, including management, staff, contractors, and HSSE professionals.
•Is able to communicate and influence effectively within a multicultural setting
•Has proven competence and experience as an Administrator  in a related upstream / downstream industrial / project environment.
•Specific requirements:
- Skilled in Excel spreadsheets, including advanced formulae and macro programming
- Fluency in English is an essential requirement for the job
- Knowledge of information management systems such as Livelink or Sharepoint would be beneficial
- A basic understanding of physical chemistry (high school level) would be an advantage
Overall the incumbent must have excellent interpersonal skills and be capable of performing to high standards under pressure.
COMPETENCES - Key Competences required:

Group Leadership

  • Displays Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Delivers Results Through Others

Group business and Personal Competencies:

  • Analyses and solves problems
  • Communicates and persuades
  • Manages knowledge and information

HSSE Management:

  • HSSE Risk Management Framework

HSSE Professional Environmental:

  • Quality Standards and emission Limits
  • Waste and Emissions Management


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