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The purpose of this role is to manage the, advertising and promotional staff and activities across the department and organization. This role is also responsible to take initiatives to measure, enhance, and enrich the position of the company, its branding and marketing initiatives through various goals and objectives.

Key responsibilities:

Plan marketing objectives / campaigns for the group companies & markets.

Create, manage, coordinate and execute all marketing strategies and implement tactical plans that meet and exceed company expectations.

Develop unique value propositions, business partnerships and call to action oriented advertising targeted towards key customer segments that increases brand awareness.

Plan, direct and implement multi-channel marketing initiatives across advertising sponsorship, PR, direct communications, social media and web content.

Responsible for the development and production of analytical reports and processes to support sales programs and demonstrate ROI.

Develop innovative strategies using the creative team in order to attract potential customers to the business.

Manage tactical campaigns in order to create a demand for the product/services in the market which will generate a rise in the company's sales and in turn, provide the necessary revenue. Involve in creating marketing for the specific product / service that the company provides through collaboration with other departments.

Conduct and present competitive market research and findings to enhance strategy and planning and increase brand recognition/awareness among target customers.

Develop, plan and evaluate a comprehensive communication and advertising campaign inbound and outbound with innovative and cost effective approach.

Implement the overall business and marketing strategy in term cost effectiveness , advertising presence and consistency within Air Arabia network

Conduct research, survey & analysis particularly in key markets and develop response action plans wherever required to evaluate the customer profile and market condition in order to determine the needs which further aids in creating a well-targeted campaign.

Manage a team of marketing executive and coordinator on a daily basis to improve their knowledge and performance " coaching - evaluation "

Lead a specialist team in tactical promotions, database and cargo marketing, recruitment advertising and events management.

Supervise and execute global marketing plans

Plan and implement a global calendar of tactical offers catering to trade, corporates and direct customers.

Perform a post-promotion assessment studies to measure real impact of sales and net incremental revenue.

Intellectualize, develop and unveil virtual clubs within the Airlines loyalty program.

Manage the development and execution of the database promotion calendar.

Lead marketing team to develop and execute new concepts and plans.

Manage the coordination flow with the studio team and ensure the right outcome on time.

Contribute and enhance the creative and design process and outcome.

Responsible for negotiating and securing best media buying across various markets.

Expand promotions and explore alternative marketing solutions.

Manage external agencies for public relations, advertising and media buying.

Collaborate with sales to develop strategic partnership activities and media planning across various markets as well as implement the execution framework and strategic plans.

Analyze market trends and recommend changes to marketing strategy based on research and analysis.

Initiate activities/strategies to drive internal communications, DM, digital and social media presence to defined levels using multiple resources.

Lead all areas of content generation and production across the department.

Deepen relationships with all media to ensure the most effective messaging and positioning of the organization.

Ensure consistent communication of corporate image, branding and value proposition.

Plan tactical campaign " Number of calls - seat factors " and increase the level of awareness within Air Arabia network, through new media solutions " combinations between offline - online - through the line".

Work closely with sales and revenue to ensure the most effective sales promotion activities within Air Arabia network i.e. tactical campaign - BTL - mall promotion - online advertising - POS -branding campaign.

Identify, evaluate and negotiate across supplier network (including decentralized approach) regarding media buying and placement across the network

Provide support for all online and direct marketing campaigns, and ensure integration of activities across the network

Note - The role defined here is not exhaustive and duties and responsibilities in line with the job function may be added from time to time.

Qualifications, Experience & Skills:

Qualifications and Experience:

University Degree is a must

Minimum of 2 years' experience in marketing, advertising and media industry


Must be results driven,

Adequate communication and human management skills.

Multi-functional personality

Ability to travel frequently

Ability to work late hours

Active and action oriented

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