Anchor Foreman

Advanced Employment - United Arab Emirates

Job description

1. Assist the Barge Foreman in setting up the barge on work locations.

2. Prepare anchors, pennant wires and different types of bouys during barge mobilization.

3. Check the condition of the barge mooring system i.e anchor winches and anchor wires, and report findings to the Barge Foreman.

4. Plot anchor positions and depicted in the approved anchor pattern; in the absence of such patters, plan and plot positions with the concurrence of senior colleagues.

5. Monitor the position of a barge during repositioning of anchors onto the seabed with Anchor Handling Tugs (AHTS) to ensure that the barge is well positioned through all phases of the lay operation.

6. Report cases of accidents, incidents, and near-misses to senior colleagues for investigation and further action.

7. Be incharge of the tower's operation, running anchors and movement of the barge on its anchors.

8. Record and maintain relevant documentation related to anchor handling in accordance with vessels procedures.

9. Check the condition of anchors, bouys and pennant wires on a frequest basis, and verify the positioning of anchors once the barge is operational.

10. Provide necessary assistance to the Barge Foreman with the deck activities when anchor related duties are minimal.

11. Compliance in accordance with section/ Company policies and procedures, policy of integrity and code of conduct & HSE standard.

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