CARREFOUR - United Arab Emirates


In charge of organizing shelf space in the selling area, labeling the prices & warehouse control to make a full display in a clean and presentable manner, thereby respecting the National Plan-o-gram.


Education: High School

Maintain good team spirit and be helpful to customers.

Pleasant personality; ensure dress code.

Responsible for providing services routine for the entire products and shelves allocated, with high degree of consistency, and efficiency.

Literate and ( be able to understand, and speak English)

2 years working experience in a leading supermarket as stocker and knowledge of retail commodities is important.

Job Details

• Keep the store equipment in good condition.

• Follow the hygiene and safety rules.

• Maintain a well presented family group (good signs, and labeling, clean and tidy).

• Arrange display of goods by family group and ensure that pack should have selling prices.

• Assist customers in sales areas of the store

• Adhere to time, attendance and schedule according to the manning.

• Adhere to dress code and present neat and polite.

• Keep the shelves tidy and properly arranged and filled up as per standard on a continuous basis.

• Check the sales price labels on all items and ensure accuracy.

• Performs the stock-taking (warehouse and store) and ensure that the monthly sales are correct.

• Inform about the stock movement, prepare LPO, and ensure no overstocking, and no shortage of retail items

• Display new products while maintaining Plano-gram.

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