Senior Controls Engineer

ABB Engineering Company - Singapore


Analyze and gather customer requirements and propose appropriate solutions for pulp and paper processes - particular focus shall be on developing and implementing advanced control applications for P&P that will help improve customers' paper quality and maximize paper makers' productivity.

Work with Product Managers to define scope, features and estimates for new projects.

Plan project activities with local and remote teams.

Work directly on development tasks; provide technical leadership; coordinate with other resources, and create high quality products within the defined schedules and budgets.

Work with customers to define new opportunities for control applications.

Work with system software team to integrate control functionality into P&P automation platform offerings.

Work with measurement and actuator teams to derive complementary control functionality.

Liaise with Universities and 3rd party collaborations.

Plan and make technological decisions that mitigate operational risk in the medium to long term.

Aside from R&D responsibility, the successful candidate will also provide strategic sales, training, and customer/application support.


Ph. D. or Master's in an engineering discipline (preferably in control, software, electrical, computer, chemical, mechanical, or paper) with major in process control, signal processing, and software.

Application knowledge in pulp and paper processes.

5+ years' experience in design and implementation of industrial control systems products, preferably associated with the pulp and paper processes.

Thorough background in control systems theory including advanced control techniques, digital signal processing, imaging analysis, data communication, system diagnostic methods.

Experience with PLCs and IEC 61131 and PC-based software development (.NET C# preferred).

Experience with communications protocols such as Modbus and OPC.

Experience with simulation tools such as Simulink and MATLAB.

Well organized - able to work independently or as part of a team constructively with minimal supervision.

Robust to work within a high-pressure automotive environment.

A positive, proactive attitude.

An engaging mind, open to new problems outside your normal comfort zone.

Willingness to engage in debate and discussion.

Empathy, a willingness to listen and see others' points of view.

Natural leadership skills - able to lead others to get the most out of the team as a whole.

Ambitious and self-reliant - intrinsically self-motivated.

Experience in working with client stakeholders, business representatives and technical people, and be able to adapt their style accordingly

Ability to present complex ideas in a convincing and understandable manner.

Fluency in English (written and verbal).

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