Lab Technician
at Diamond City in UAE - Dubai

Lab Technician at Diamond City in UAE - Dubai

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Job Highlights

Posted on October 11, 2016
  • Experience in Engineering
  • Professional background in Oil / Gas, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Chemical Engineering
  • Job level Experienced
  • Languages Fluent English is a Must

Job Details

Educational Attainment: 

A Science graduate and or Diploma in Chemical Engineer ;

Position Summary:

1. Analysis of gas mixtures, pure gases and liquid products according to the approved procedure and methods.

2. Prepare analysis sheets of mixture, pure gasses and liquid products.

3. Keeping record of failed products and communicate back.

4. Keeping record of consumption of carrier gasses and calibration standards used for laboratory.

5. Preparation and issuance of certificates and tags for final tested and passed products.

record of certificates of analysis and analysis sheets of mixture, pure gasses and liquid products.

7. Updates analytical test procedures and ensure the validity of the existing ;

8. Calibration and operation of all analytical equipments in Quality Control Laboratory.

9. Prepare calibration  chart and do the periodic calibration of all laboratory equipments.

10. Keep record of calibration.

11. Maintaining the sufficient stock of required Calibration Standards and keeping track of expiry dates.

12. Maintenance of Lab equipments and maintain stock of critical spare parts.

13. Maintaining all QC records and must produce to his boss at demand.

14. Certification of pure and mixture gases imported for trade purpose.

15. Work instructions to operators related to QC.

16. Carry out R & D with concurrence of Manager  SPG & QC to develop new products, methods, and trace ability.

17. Responsible to follow EIGC safety policy & safety system.

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