Merchandising Manager
in UAE - Dubai

Merchandising Manager at Confidential company in UAE - Dubai

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Job Highlights

Posted on September 28, 2016
  • Experience in Purchasing & Procurement
  • Professional background in Logistics / Supply Chain, Procurement, Import / Export
  • Job level Junior/Entry Level
  • Languages Fluent English is a Must

Job Details

Job Description

Merchandising manager (MM) choose and purchase the various products offered for sale by a variety of suppliers. MM would oversee a staff and maintain a budget while performing assigned duties that enable a successful company. The primary goal of a merchandising manager is securing the best goods for the lowest cost to the company. In addition to buying, marketing would also be given as an additional responsibility to ;


MM is expected to be knowledgeable about company needs and goals. MM needs to  keep a close watch on inventory levels and the needs of clients. An integral part of merchandising management is monitoring the sales histories of various products to maximize efficiency of company resources. The ability to negotiate favorable terms is a highly desirable quality.

Assessing the needs of the market and responding quickly to cater those requirements is a ;


Education Requirements

Prefer a bachelor's degree in merchandising, business or ;

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