What is Laimoon?

It's a job discovery engine. Laimoon helps professionals discover jobs to match their experience and helps employers discover talent for their vacancies.

What does Laimoon mean?
It's Arabic for lime, lemon, (and sometimes orange); Laimoon is refreshing, invigorating and uplifting.
How does it work?
Unlike a traditional job search, Laimoon is a fun and more interactive approach that produces more accurate results.
Who can use Laimoon?
It's best for professionals who are interested in Sales & Marketing jobs in the UAE and Qatar.
What should I expect from Laimoon?
Expect NOT to see a typical job board. You begin by letting Laimoon learn about you, so that it can better match you with jobs.
What type of Jobs does Laimoon have?
A collection of jobs from many of the largest global companies as well as fast growing small to medium sized ones. All the jobs posted are for positions across the UAE & Qatar.
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